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The Antarctic

Antarctica is not an easy place to get to, but Celebrity Cruises offers holiday makers the unique opportunity to explore this pristine wilderness area in style.

Prepare for dramatic vistas and sensory indulgence as our Antarctic cruises carry you to the untouched expanse of one of the world’s most remote destinations. View impressive hanging glaciers and rare wildlife from the deck of your luxury cruise liner on the cruising holiday of a lifetime.

The youngest fleet sailing the high seas today, Celebrity cruise ships are considered the standard by which other fleets are judged.

We are consistently ranked among the best in the world, proudly combining modern-day technology with timeless elegance.

We invite you to experience our gourmet cuisine, exclusive entertainment, spacious lodgings and the signature service Celebrity is known for. Join us for an unforgettable Antarctic cruise – book your ticket today. For full details of all our North American cruises, go to our USA and Canada Cruises page.

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