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Sail the Transatlantic

Celebrity Cruises offers a vast selection of luxury cruises from Southampton, and what better place to begin you transatlantic voyage?

Traverse the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in high style as we cater to your every whim. You may want to start your trip with a few of the old world ports visited on our Europe Cruises, or end your Transatlantic Cruise with a relaxing beach break offered on our Mediterranean Cruises. From the romantic boulevards of Paris to the bracing energy of the Big Apple, our transatlantic cruises have something for everyone.

Aboard Celebrity Cruises transatlantic cruises you’ll be treated to the highest levels of personal service. We are a premium cruise line that delivers a contemporary cruise experience – every time. Our onboard family goes the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your cruise is perfect, from our fine dining restaurants to our world-class spa and beyond. Discover just why we are consistently top-rated by such experts as Condé Nast Traveller. Step aboard and experience the Celebrity difference for yourself…

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